IMG_2651Everybody has a story, a migratory pattern to their lives.

Mine started in the West Bronx, New Jersey and Ohio, then 20 years on the West Coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles building companies and brands in computer gaming, movies, virtual worlds, gadgets and internet services. A long road trip west then south led by my passions and opportunities.

Separating work and life has never been natural for me. I love what I do and this still holds true, especially around building businesses and communities on the social web.

I’ve been really lucky, building global brands from scratch, dusting off and revising older ones, inventing more than one product category and working with inspiring people in the Americas, throughout Europe and Asia. I’ve been in the right place and time more than once and had the chance to create new types of products, entertainment mediums and business models.

A few years ago, I traded my Audi S4 for a NYC subway pass, Los Angeles for downtown New York, became my own boss and work globally helping companies reinvent themselves in today’s socially driven and connected world.

New York, always the world’s stage is now also the most dynamic and dense social sandbox for web thinking on the planet. It beckoned, I answered and I’m really proud to be part of this.

It was big circle route, coming home again, completing itself.

My work in consulting and my love for building products and communities on the social web, shares this web site with my passion for the artisanal and natural wine movement. My wine blog is about great wines, interesting people, remarkable places and the often jittery move of the traditional wine business to the web.

Family and friends. Work. Wine.  Travel and fitness. Everything seems to be oozing possibilities. Feels like the perfect time to be alive.