Working with me

Turning ideas into products and communities into markets is the connecting thread in my career over the last 25 years.

Sometimes I work with entrepreneurs entrusting me with their early ideas or prototypes. Sometimes with public companies needing a serious restart. And many variations in-between. I’ve ridden the explosive growth curve from a few people to hundreds, from $0 revenue to over a $100M+ more than a few times.

I’ve always been the chief marketer. It’s my dna.

Marketing has often defined and led biz dev, M&A, channel and products on a global basis. Go-to-market designs and business models have been many and varied across a wide swatch of technology, computer games, IT and entertainment companies. Some are still household brands and a number have vanished.

Across them all has been a natural intersection of technology and consumer behavior with new platforms for delivery and commerce. In every instance, brand and community really has mattered to the commercial model.

The bridge between this experiential platform of my career and a native understanding of the web and communities is what defines me professionally. It’s a snapshot of the value-add I bring to companies I work with as an advisor or project consultant.

I think of my advisory role as the market expert who can ask the most pertinent questions and figure out the most efficient next steps to evolve the company, the product and the market approach to accelerate growth. There’s no pat formula and no guarantees but these partnerships with CEOs and teams really can work.

I believe wholeheartedly in an articulable vision for your company’s passions and a long-term promise to your customers. And an understanding of the big digital aha that will disrupt and foreshadow success.

Beyond a plan to get from A to Z and an exit, the real work happens in the space between A to B each day, from one customer to the next over and over again. Strategy is firmly wrapped in executional iteration that is always changing. The value I bring is tying the big picture and the daily focus together.

How do we work together?

Every client relationship is different and somewhat unique.

I’m flexible but experience has taught me that the best results come from the strongest partnership that lasts over time.

The more I can understand the details of your company, the urgencies of capital raises, the traffic and engagement data and your aspirations, the more value I can bring to the process. And I’m a very quick study.

I’ve developed approaches to shorter-term engagements, interim CMO arrangements and ongoing CEO advisory roles and mentorship. Mostly compensation is retainer over time, sometimes equity, sometimes a mix.

For a lighter touch, ongoing engagement Office Hours is something to consider.

Contact me

I encourage you to vet my background and my thinking. I’ve touched many people in my career, so finding individuals who know me or can speak to me as an individual, a professional and an advisor is easily done.

My blogs are a click away and are a great way to get to know me.

I’m looking forward to connecting.

Email me at or use the Contact Form.