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Office Hours

In my consulting work, I’ve worked to bridge the advisory action gap.

To find a way to guide and advise, not merely pontificate and walk away from a company’s action plan. Digging deep and getting involved works well, but takes lots of time and focus, and limits the number of companies and entrepreneurs I can work with.

I wanted to find a way to touch more entrepreneurs, more frequently–the result is Office Hours.

This is a subscription-based service to me as an advisor, to my experiences and thinking through an ongoing but lighter touch-point relationship.

It is designed for teams or individuals that don’t need to be managed, just directed. If you have the vision and the wherewithal to put tangible structure behind an advisory role, then this model may be suited for you.

It’s simple and it seems to be working really well.

Scheduled meetings at your offices or a coffee shop. Or Skype. Always face-to-face, always on a schedule, and always tied to objectives we’ve set. A couple of times a month, a handshake, a mid-term contract commitment. Open access as needed and satisfaction guaranteed of course.

I’ve rolled this out through my networks for a while now. It’s delivering real value and it’s inspiring for me to touch a variety of models and companies every month.

NOTE:  Every month I choose 1-3 new businesses or entrepreneurs to test-drive Office Hours for free. If interested, send me an email and introduce yourself.