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Not quite a year in, theLocalSip is making a big step forward.

We’ve listened hard to the market, to our users and our merchant community.

With some 1500 tastings put on by 45 wine shops pouring over 2000 different wines to thousands of New Yorkers in 20 neighborhoods—we’ve learned a few things.

–>We’ve learned that there is indeed a unique relationship between how people buy wine and the experts in their local wine shops. People want to be sold to, one on one.

–>We’ve learned that the market wants a community of connections to a world infused with a passion for all things fermented and drinkable. Not a club for the elite.

–>We’ve learned that today’s community gets really excited by interesting taste, and by connections to place and people in the wines they consume. They demand knowledge of source, and expertise from those who pour and sell.

–>We’ve also learned that this community is interested not only in wine tastings at shops, but in wine dinners, flights at wine bars, workshops and seminars, and in an endless array of creative events pairing wine with food, charcuterie, music and the arts.

–>We’ve learned that winelovers embrace as one, the huge artisanal movements in spirits and craft brews, from Sake to Mead to cider.

–>We’ve learned that shops are where we buy, but restaurants, bars, and wineries are where we develop our tastes as well. Everything feeds to the retail wine shop but starts in many tasting places.

–>And mostly, we’ve confirmed that community exists at the street level where people gather together. Where they sip, taste, mingle and learn. The web, for this community, is the tool to discover where to attend and the network for sharing.

 So…welcome to the new theLocalSip!

This is a platform for quality merchants to bring the most interesting tasting events to the community. For commerce to happen at the shop, and online through theLocalSip.

This is a platform for everyone who enjoys connecting with people and experts, at wine shops and restaurants, wineries and distilleries to see what’s going on. To know what is being sold, both online and off. And to benefit from special community discounts for events and wine.

Look for thelocalSip tasting glyph on shop windows, tasting tables and checkout counters. And let the merchant know that you are a member of the community!

We are really excited with our new direction–we are looking forward to your input, so do please share your thoughts.

See you at the tastings!


If you are a wine shop, bar, restaurant, winery, distillery or craft beer brewery in NYC. A PR agency, event planner, organization or festival–theLocalSip is now open for you to host and publish events!

Cross posted from theLocalsip blog.