Tissot ‘09 Arbois Trousseau Singulier

  Stephane Tissot is my kind of winemaker. In his own words, he’s “on a quest for aromatic diversity” through a natural approach to winemaking and a passion for the taste of terroir. He follows his words with actions and produces 28 different cuvees, terroir by terroir, all naturally in the Jura wine region, on […]

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Tournelle ‘07 Arbois Trousseau des Corvees

I’m a big fan of Evelyne and Pascal Clairet and their tiny vineyard, Domaine de la Tournelle, in the center of Arbois on the eastern border of France. In the foothills of the Alps, they make quietly wonderful wine from the region’s indigenous grapes–Poulsard, Trousseau and Savagnin—and they’ve created a unique footprint of taste…quite delicious…and […]

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Michel Gahier ‘07 Arbois Trousseau Grands Vergers

I love the story behind a bottle of wine.

I quickly forget names, but I can visualize the taste of the wine with the story of the winemaker and the place forever.The person and the taste are reminiscent of each other.

But with Michele Gahier, and this interesting bottle of organic Trousseau from the Jura region of France, we have only a faint fingerprint of information about the person and less details about the wine.

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Puffeney ’07 Trousseau “Berangeres” Arbois Montigney-les-Arsures

Jacques Puffeney is known in the wine world as the The Pope of Arbois; and his wine is a wonder. I first blogged on the Arbois region and the Trousseau grape after tasting the remarkable Le Ginglet from Philippe Bornard. Bornard is a budding talent with a gift, but Puffeney is certainly the master. Arbois […]

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Sophie moves on…The Jura’s gain is TriBeCa’s loss

Today is my friend Sophie Barrett’s last day at Chambers Street Wines. She heads off to work the harvest with Stephane Tissot in the Jura. Trades an apartment in Brooklyn for a flat in Arbois On one hand, I’m amazingly jealous. Tissot, Poulsard, Trousseau, Savignon, the Jura–are a larger than life tag cloud of good […]

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